Mission Statement

At Dyke Outfitters we believe women need clothing designed to fit our bodies. As gay women we need clothing designed to fit our style. The style of our clothing is a personal reflection of how we chose to present ourselves to the world. It is deeply personal and unique.

Style knows no gender. Since women started wearing trousers fashion has been unfairly confined by gender. Many of our gay friends share our style. Many gay women we meet share our style. We only need to catch a glimpse of Ellen to see she has a similar style. It is a style dykes, lesbians, gay women, gender neutral people feel reflect our spirit. It is stronger, proud, bolder, more butch, comfortable. Gay women, all women who do not dress in traditional women’s styles, deserve a marketplace which provides these styles in sizes that fit our bodies.

It is our mission to search out, and in some cases manufacture, “gender neutral” clothing for gay women, a style that has been, for the most part, overlooked by the fashion industry.