Who We Are

Welcome to Dyke Outfitters!

We, Karen and Kirsty, are a couple of Canadian dykes, who after years of shopping frustrations, decided to use our experience in the gay women clothing industry, not to mention almost 100 years of combined dyke experience, to create a store that we would like to shop in.

We hope our collection of clothing makes shopping for gay women clothing a more positive experience rather than searching the mall where sizes do not cater to lesbian women. Unfortunately, we are limited to what is available in the current marketplace. As our company grows, it is our goal to manufacture our own line of gay women clothing. This line would consist of garments that are not readily available in the current market, in women’s sizes. We are constantly searching for new items to add to our store, so please visit often.

We welcome your feedback regarding our current product line and future custom line of lesbian clothing.